About Us

The story of YINZZ & the new logo for Pittsburgh Sports

We Are Pittsburgh Sports

We're YINZZ, a family-run online shop right here in the heart of the 'Burgh. Our mission? To give all yinz die-hard fans of the Steelers, Buccos, and Pens a single, kick-butt logo to rally around. Whether you're lookin' for something modern or you're feelin' a little retro, we've got black and gold gear that'll fit yinz like a glove. Every tee, hoodie, and tank is slam-packed with 100% original artwork, all inspired by the City of Champions and its unbeatable fans. It's like having a little piece of Pittsburgh with ya wherever yinz go!

My Story on YINZZ

For those that know me, the first thing they'd say is "Yinzer" or "Pittsburgh"

Born & Raised in da 'Burgh, I bleed BLACK & GOLD. I NEVER MISS A STEELER, PIRATES, OR PENGUINS GAME.(shoutout to my wife for putting up with my die-hard fandom)

I put fries on my sandwich, eat my fair share of smiley cookies, & love me an ice cold I.C. Light. did i mention that both my daughters were born in a terrible towel!

One thing i've noticed through my travels across the country is... Pittsburgh nation is real!

There are Steeler Bars everywhere, stands are full of black and gold, and pirate P hats worn proudly.

(Right: Starting Gate. My Fav Steeler Bar in Southern California)

There was one thing missing....


The Solution....YINZZ

Introducing the Y logo—The Universal Logo of Pittsburgh Sports

With its bold and strong "Y," this emblem captures the essence and indomitable spirit that pulses through every Yinzer's veins. But it's more than just a letter; it's a symbol that unites fans of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins under one banner.

The end of a sports season doesn't mean the end of your passion; with the Y logo, you carry the spirit of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins through every season.



the new brand of pittsburgh sports





One logo to represent pittsburgh sports all year long

DId You know that pittsburgh is the only city that all three sports teams share:

Same first name

same colors (black & gold)

same diehard fans